Flooring Grades

Select and Better
Our Select Grade Red Oak flooring has very consistent color and grain throughout, and is almost completely free of natural imperfections such as knots and mineral streaks.
No 1 Common
Our #1 Common Grade Red Oak flooring has less consistent color and grain than our Select & Better Grade, and has more character overall, such as small knots and mineral streaks.
No 2 Common
Our #2 Common Grade Solid Red Oak flooring will have more character overall than our higher grades of Red Oak flooring. Expect plenty of knots, mineral streaking, grain variation, and a shorter average board length than in our higher grades.
No 3 Common
This #3 Common Grade Solid Red Oak flooring is great for low budget situations where the higher grades are just not an option, or when a very rustic floor is desired. This grade of flooring will include all of nature's marks, including both open and closed knots, mineral streaks, and a wide variety of color and grain variation. This grade of flooring may also include splits, cracks, open knot holes, broken tongues/grooves, and other natural defects. With this grade you will get a percentage that is unusable. The bottom line with this flooring is SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS, and a beautiful end product, that is full of natural color.
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